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Carbon nanotube material. Not just a recolor, it acts as shadowed armor.

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Adds the existing Bethesda black synth armour texture (see the endgame legendary synths) as a synth armor material you can craft at any armour crafting station, as long as you have the Armorer perk at level 3 or above. (Or aren't afraid of the console;)) The material is called "Carbon Nanotube Material".

It is high end, but not over the top. It's not a replacement for power armour, or anywhere near, but it is marginally better than the vanilla materials for synth armour. And it acts as shadowed, which is something that wasn't in vanilla for synth armour. But you can still be killed.

The armour actually acts as shadowed armour, meaning it will actually make it harder to see you in the dark. Just like shadowed leather or metal or combat armour, really.

I chose that name because carbon nanotubes are:

A) very black
B) very, very strong for its weight
C) hi-tech enough to be an Institute material
D) sounding like the other Institute materials Bethesda included, so it shouldn't trip lore or anything.

Made entirely with FO4Edit, if you care about that kinda thing.


Preferably use NMM. Otherwise, unpack the .esp in your game's data directory, AND you will have to edit the plugin.ini file in your AppData\Local\Fallout4 folder by hand to add the mod. And set it as read-only so the game doesn't overwrite it.


Just delete the .esp from your Data directory.


Ideally, you should get Armorer level 3 and craft it yourself.

Alternately, at very high levels, some pieces with this material will spawn on random synths, but it's going to be more rare than the nanofiber material.

Or, if you just want it RIGHT NAO, you can try "help nanotube 0 misc", give the boxed armour mods to yourself with player.additem, and just go to any armour workbench and install them on your synth armour. You only need perks to MANUFACTURE armour or weapon mods. You don't need any perks or materials to install a mod you had in your inventory.


Short version: there aren't any significant conflicts.

Longer version: It will probably conflict with anything else that changes the lists of synth armor materials, but not with simple recolours (e.g., the mods that just repaint synth armour) or stat changes. However, the only effect of a conflict is preventing such pieces from spawning on random synths in the world, since the conflicting lists are the levelled lists used for spawning such items and mods. It will not prevent you from crafting or using it, nor otherwise interfere with the normal functioning of the game.

It is compatible with mods that affect other things, such as the armor size, legendary enchants, the linings or the weave. So you can for example have this material on the helmet AND the shielded lining from another mod AND the ballistic weave from yet another mod. They're not competing for the same lists or anything, since they're different slots, with different lists.

It's also compatible with the crafting benches. As far as the game is concerned, synth armour is synth armour is synth armour, regardless of whether you looted it, or bought it, or crafted it at a modded workbench. The armour my character wear is crafted for example. Once you craft it, just go and mod it.

For that matter, it is compatible with the "2 Legendary Modifications" mod. If you craft 2LM synth armour at a 2LM workbench, you can apply the carbon nanotube plating just like for any other synth armour.


I'm not a lore purist myself, but in this case, it's what at least three legendary synths are already wearing in the vanilla game. I'd say things don't get much more lore-conform than being identical to what's already in the game.


I release this in the public domain. Do with it whatever you wish. I'm not going to hound anyone just because they used the same Bethesda texture and enchantment.

Note however that it DOES use Bethesda's files, so it's not ok to port to other games.


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