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Platform for adding new attributes to characters

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Additional Attributes (Alpha version)

Additional Attributes (AA) is the tool designed to simplify introducing of new attributes for characters. Made with performance in mind.
It is for modders, not for regular players. But it is possible that some players will found usefull attached sample

Disclaimer: Project is in the alpha stage and will be chaged. No backward compatibility is assumed during alpha stage releases.
It is recommended to uninstall this mod before your normal game play.

AA consist of 3 parts:
1) esm file - contains service data required for scripts working
2) F4SE plugin with Papyrus scripts for accessing plugin's functionality
3) API Papyrus scripts

AA provides API for managing character's attributes and attributes changes notifications. It can be used for introducing new game mechanics to the game.


1) Actor initialization with registered attributes. In more flexible way than in Creation Kit. Initial value, initial base-value and minimum value can be defined independently. Initialization with randomized values supported out of box. Built-in (hardcoded) ActorValues are not supported. ActorValues with Damage Is Positive flag intentionally not supported. Value of attribute  can vary in range [min-value, base-value] only. Exceeding these limits will be reflected in notifications. Initialization is applied at first access to attribute when access performed via API provided.
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2) Ability to receive attribute (ActorValue) changes notifications. When attribute is changed via provided API then subscribers will recieve notification about change. Increasing/Decreasing based on RestoreValue & DamageValue. Base value is considered as maximum value for attribute and not changed by API. Can be used on any ActorValue, including hardcoded - notifications will be sent for them too. However, ActorValues with DamageIsPositive flag are not supported. 
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Related sample code:

3) Any Actor can be supported, not player only. 

4) Time-based changes of attributes in batch. Currently based on game time, not on real time
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5) Time-based changes are disabled by default. Specific filter need to be implemented and registered to allow time-based calculations and changes on certain actor(s)
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Code Samples

AASample mod is provided to demonstrate how API could be used. See Download section
It introduces two attributes to the game - Irritation and Patience. They are supposed to be applied to companion.
When a player hits the companion, his/her level of irritation increases, and the moment it reaches its maximum, the level of patience decreases with each hit.
When Patience level lowered below zero companion just leave you without asking.
Irritation decreases over time, Patience - increases.

Source codes

Papyrus scripts sources are available in downaloding packages
F4SE plugin source codes will be available when project moved to the beta stage.
AA is based on modified F4SE


Will be prepared over time. Currently most of information could be obtained from source codes and comments in code

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome