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A plugin replacer for Dart98Rock's D98R Tac Light, that allows you to wear glasses/eyewear alongside a tac light.

Permissions and credits
---What You Get---
This is a plugin replacer for Dart98Rock's "D98R Tac Light." It moves both of the wearable lights in that mod to the Ring Slot, so to allow them to be worn alongside eyewear such as glasses and sunglasses.

---How to Install---
Replace the "D98R_EarTacLight.esp" of the "D98R Tac Light" mod with the one found provided by this mod.

Automatron DLC
Contraptions Workshop DLC
Far Harbor DLC
Nuka World DLC
Vault-Tec Workshop DLC
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR), by valdacil
D98R Tac Light, by Dart98Rock

---Known Issue(s)---
Unknown. Please report any issues you find.

Unknown. Please report any incompatibilities you find.

This mod is approved by Dart98Rock, creator of "D98R Tac Light." As per my standard practices with these kinds of "patches," I will not accept monetary donations on this mod. However, this mod is opted-in for donation/download points, 80% of which are automatically directed to Dart98Rock, for the hard work they put into creating the original mod, with the remaining 20% going to myself, Kantorock, for my work figuring out how to change slots.