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Replace the sounds of Grim Reapers Sprint and VATS Critical Executed. You already love it, you just don't know it yet. Замена звуков Смерть на взлёте и Критического выстрела.

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A solution to the old problem. The higher the level of your character, the less playable the game becomes in terms of sound. At high levels (100+), you'll trigger the sounds of Grim Reaper and Critical Executed in almost every battle. For some reason, the people responsible for SFX chose the loudest and most horrendous sounds. We'll hear these sounds a thousand times, what was Bethesda thinking? I tried to make it so that a person who has not played before, will not even think that these sounds are not in vanilla game.

Install like any other mod.


"Shshshshshshs" sound © Bethesda

Creative Commons Sounds

bareform and StephenSaldanha

Madskillz sound editing - me.