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NOTE: The actual plugin included in this mod replaces VANILLA FORMS with my FIVE LEGENDARY forms.  This will conflict with any mod that modifies vanilla weapons and armor, and if you want the five legendaries, load my file last.  This is just a proof-of-concept .esp., I won't be developing it into a full mod. Yet. Currently working on full version.

(You don't need this mod, just the FO4Edit scripts)

You will need Creation Kit and FO4Edit. If you don't have these things, and don't know how to get them, that would be a good starting point for learning to mod. So much of learning to mod is effective googling. It's more than a modding skill, it's a life skill.

FIrst, Duplicate And Rename in Creation Kit.  This is a right-click option on the Object Windows. You will want to do this with one or more of the items you want to copy highlighted. A small window will appear.  This allows you to do multiple copies, like I did here. "Digits" indicates how many numbers you want on the end of your copies, leaving it at 3 gives you copy001, copy002, copy003, etc.  Prefix makes your items your own, and allows you to group your forms more easily in the editors. Using a prefix that starts with an underscore or number will always put your forms at the top of the Object Window.

Now, highlight all your copies, and right-click, then click "create recipe" This may take a while. Go grab some food.

Save your plugin, like, all the time.

Once you have all of your copied mods and blank recipes, it's time to hop over to FO4Edit and have some fun with PASCAL.

Open your plugin and the plugin for the weapons you want to convert in FO4Edit and navigate to the WEAPONS category in the weapon mod.  Highlight the weapon or weapons you want to use, right-click, and copy them as NEW RECORDS if you want to make your own or OVERRIDES if you want the vanilla weapons to have your edits.  For this tutorial, I'm using overrides.  Note if you use NEW RECORDS, you will need to add them to the game some other way, such as leveled lists or crafting.

Once you have the weapon forms copies/overridden in your mod, highlight and right-click on them, and click "run script"  If you installed this tutorial according to the folder structure in the zip file, the the Fallout4\Edit Scripts\ folder on your computer will be two files called "!!AddSlots.pas" and "!!ChangeLegendSlot.pas" These are my scripts for making things have 5 legendary slots.

If your weapon/armor DOES NOT HAVE a legendary slot already affixed (certain modded weapons and most vanilla clohes), run !!AddSlots.  If it's a vanilla asset or a modder worth their salt, it already has one legendary slot (or more), and use can use !!ChangeLegendSlot.pas" to add the 4 and make the main one craftable.

I probably left some stuff out, but if you can follow what rambling I have here, you can probably figure the rest out.  Good luck, have fun, and ADD ALL THE LEGENDARIES

The fifth legendary on the flamer is Poisoners (see the poison damage).  The UI isn't really set up to handle 5 legendaries on one weapon, so it gets a little wonky. I don't know anything about Fallout Interface, or SWF (and its too late to learn), so Vanilla interface will have to do.