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A replacer plugin for Custom Race Headwear Refits, which makes it compatible for Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource/AWKCR.

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---What You Get---
This is a plugin replacer for the mod "Custom Race Headwear Refits." It replaces the "CustomRaceHeadgear.esp" with a modified one (with the exact same name), which forwards the changes AWKCR makes to Custom Races Headwear Refits, while retaining the model changes.

---How to Install---
Replace/override the "CustomRaceHeadgear.esp" from "Custom Race Headwear Refits" with the one provided by this mod.

Automatron DLC
Contraptions Workshop DLC
Far Harbor DLC
Nuka World DLC
Vault-Tec Workshop DLC
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR), by valdacil
Custom Race Headwear Refits, by Blazze69

---Known Issues---
Unknown. Please report any issued you find with this mod.

---Known Conflicts---
Unknown. Please report any conflicts you find.

This mod is approved by Blazze69, creator of "Custom Race Headwear Refits." As per my standard practices with these kinds of "patches," I will not accept monetary donations on this mod. However, this mod is opted-in for donation/download points, 80% of which are automatically directed to Blazze69, for the hard work they put into creating the original mod, with the remaining 20% going to myself, Kantorock, for my work in making it AWKCR compatible.