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The Dacian Falx: The only weapon to stub the toe of the Roman Legions so hard, it had to put on boots.

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There was a bank robbery a few years ago in Los Angeles. The robbers were wearing next-generation body armor and the cops were using 9mm pistols and submachine guns.  The police were forced to requisition shotguns and high-powered assault rifles from a nearby gun store to take the perps down.  The event inspired the final action scene in Heat (Pacino-DeNiro Heist movie).

Basically, the cops here are the Roman Legions led by Emperor Trajan. The bank robbers are the Greek city-state of Dacia. Dacia and Rome had been at odds for a while, and in the late First Century, a Dacian fellow named Decebalus managed to invade a Roman territory and kill the Consul. He would eventually become the Last King of Dacia, because he liked to poke the Romans in the eye.

Historical evidence suggests that Trajan's (eventually) successful destruction of Dacia was hindered by the FALX.  You see, unlike most of Rome's enemies, who were barbarians with spears, Dacia had 250,000 troops, and rich resources of iron and copper to outfit them. The Falx was a weapon designed for one purpose: to pry open the Roman Phalanx from above and get at the soft, supple Legionnaire brain matter underneath.

Over six feet long and wielded like an axe, the Falx was designed to go over the Roman's shield and split his skull. Contemporary Roman historian Marc Fronto made note of the particularly nasty variety of wounds coming out of Dacian battles, and historians assume this is because of this vicious weapon. During the Dacian wars, Trajan's troops would perform the only recorded instance of in-field adaptation of gear. Cross-bar reinforcements have been found on Roman helmets from the time, attached over, and with no regard for, existing decoration. Many of the Romans also opted for older, heavier armor, which also never happened.

Like the Jet Engine for the Nazis, innovative technology can scare the shit out of a vastly superior enemy for a few months, but probably won't save you.  The Messerschmidt wasn't enough for the Luftwaffe, and the Falx couldn't save Dacia from Trajan's conquest. Trajan turned the conquest of Dacia's rich resources into a time of economic prosperity and growth for the Roman Empire.  He was such as self-promoter and so "all-over" the Empire, his political rivals called him "Ivy."  Decebalus got chased into the mountains and reportedly fell on his own sword rather than face capture. This is First Century Rome, you don't want to be captured by them. Crucifixions were in vogue.

~ ~ ~

The Thracians, not to be confused with the Dacians, used a Falx-like weapon, the Rhomphaia, although it was longer and less curved.  The Rhomphaia was intended as a main-line defensive weapon, while the Falx was very much a vanguard berserker weapon. Both can be crafted at the Chem bench under FALX. The Falx does more damage but is slower, while the Rhomphaia is longer and heavier, but has a lower perk requirement to craft (Blacksmith 3 for the Falx, 2 for the Rhomphaia). Both weapons use my horrible UV adaptation of Furbii's textures for the Bat'LetH

Sometimes I can't resist making a joke. Optional file has two different Falx models, one has the trans colors. You know, A Trans Falx for us Trans Folx

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