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Gives Sheng Kawolski a new set of clothing.

Permissions and credits
---What You Get---
   This mods alters Sheng Kawolski's clothing, changing it from the rags he usual wears to a pair of child's jeans, striped shirt, and child's ball cap.

-Legal Copy of Fallout 4
-All Fallout 4 DLCs, or Fallout 4 Season Pass
-Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. Hard requirement, due to possible future plans for the mod.---Where to Find---
   Sheng Kawolski's Klean Watur Market, in Diamond City, behind Diamond City Radio.

---Known Issue---
   None at the moment. Please report any issues.

   Unconfirmed possible conflict with "Sheng's Klean Watur Market Extended," as I could not get that mod to work for me.