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About this mod

- Dead Natural Atmosphere - If you want the vibe of still a little contaminated world with a hint from the FO3 atmosphere, this will low a little the color of Vanilla but add a vibrant and sharped light where metal and rust pop up!

Permissions and credits

Check my new preset
 DoomDays ENB - realistic cinematic preset-

Apocalisse Pure ENB ( v307)

Remastered and restyled



I wanted to give a vibe more "realistic"
(for realistic means not icecream colors from Vanilla)
There's no so much color around
 Iron,Metals and rust come out
Cloudy weather gets gloomy dark
(All pics you see are actually with no mods, just Enb )


1. Download this mod.

 2. Download the latest Fallout 4 ENB from: http: //enbdev.com/download_mod_fallout4.htm (Wrapped for now  v307 )

3. Download the latest ReShade framework from: http://reshade.me/ (this only if you want to install version with reshade)

4. Copy all files into your fallout 4 game folder of the ENB and Reshade you downloaded

5. Copy all files of this mod in your game folder overwriting when asked

6. use the key vk-scroll to turn on/off the effect 

7. For the installation of ENB only read the "read me " inside the file

I will Add more screens in the next days

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Feel free to ask anykind of questions and report any problem


X Fallout4: Bleak Sabbath ReShade plus ENB

X SKYRIM: Lucien ENB e  Realistika ENBDarkLight ENB


Boris Vorontsov (ENBSeries)Crosire (ReShade)CeeJay.dk (SweetFX)Marty McFly (MasterEffect)The ENB, ReShade, and Nexus communities.