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More immersive modern ammo names for vanilla ammunition's

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More immersive modern ammo names for vanilla ammunition's 

ESP flagged as ESL

10mm to 10mm Auto
556 to 556x45 NATO
.50 to .50 BMG this is better along with a mod any vanilla sniper in this game i cant see firing a .50 bmg round
.45 to .45 ACP
.308 to 7.62x51 NATO
5mm to 5mm Magnum
Shotgun Shell to 12 Gauge Buckshot
.38 to .380 ACP
.44 to .44 magnum

No requirements but i suggest AMMO UI HUD (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42915) and that mod does have a requirement listed on its page.

Place towards bottom of load order, below all weapon mods that use vanilla ammo anyway.