Fallout 4
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This Mod basically gives you a lot of components ,armor ,weapons, food and other goodies along with a survival mode safe spot. There are ten locations across the commonwealth near some settlements.

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Before the War a Pulowski Preservation Shelter Executive named Sabbin started constructing secret shelters all over the commonwealth to ensure no matter where he was in the Boston area one would be close by.In all ten shelters was constructed in the following places- Jamaica Plains at the bus stop, Hangman's alley, Red Rocket Truckstop, The Castle by the park , Greentop Nursery near vault 75, Salem near the museum, Boston Airport in front of the parking garage, Forest Grove Marsh near the highway , Glowing Sea near the Outpost, and Starlight Theater near its sign. These shelters come equiped with workbenches and Crates full of Resources and Food, components number in the 10's of thousands each so plenty of building supplies, armor, weapons, food, and other goodies! All the workbenches are linked to the stash box in the interior cell a bed and sink is provided for your survival Immersion, Dogmeat also has a bed of his own.Only the Storage box an workbenches are safe to store your stuff in all other containers are set to respawn for more loot.