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Replaces the vanilla DC Guard outfit with MetalMonsterFNV’s Riot Armor. Removes pipe weapons from the DC Guard weapon levelled list. Replaces them with a better range of vanilla firearms.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the vanilla DC Guard outfit with a riot armour suit by MetalmonsterFNV. The armour is composed of an outfit and helmet. The guards have a fifty/fifty chance of spawning with the helmet, of which there are two variants. Danny Sullivan is equipped with the armour and without the helmet. 

This mod requires MetalmonsterFNV's Riot Armor to function. Optionally, you can install Radbeetle's Female Add-on so female PC's can equip the armour. Additionally, installing LBraden's Female Diamond City Security with the above will allow the new female guards to spawn with the armour as well. Alternately, you can use Cthulhuandme's Varied Diamond City Security if you only want male guards with additional faces.

IMPORTANT: Female Diamond City Security INCLUDES the additional male faces added in Varied Diamond City Security. Only use one, not both.

NOTE: You may have noticed there is no separate ESP files for just the base mod or with Radbeetle's add-on. This mod will work with either version since the Female Add-on simply overwrites the original ESP. In addition, since this mod only touches weapon and outfit lists and not the NPC entries, a patch is not required for changes added in LBraden's overhaul.

This mod should be loaded after its requirements. It is an ESL flagged ESP so will not take up precious space in your load order :)

In addition, pipe weapons no longer spawn on DC Guards. The vanilla guards were woefully outgunned when up against other factions such as Super Mutants, which made little sense given Diamond City is meant to be the largest and most prosperous settlement in the Commonwealth. I stayed away from arming them with heavy weapons however, mostly to minimise collateral with explosives. Instead, they now spawn equipped with weapons from the following list:

- Police Baton
- Shock Baton
- Swatter

- 10mm Pistol
- .44 Revolver
- Assault Rifle
- Combat Rifle
- Combat Shotgun
- Handmade Assault Rifle (DLC Version)
- Laser Gun
- Lever-action Rifle (DLC Version)
- Plasma Gun
- Radium Rifle (DLC Version)
- Submachinegun

NOTE: I have made two versions of this mod. The non-DLC version is for players who don't own the add-ons. The DLC version adds a couple of weapons from Far Harbor / Nuka World including the HMAR. 

The DC Guards are one of the least touched factions in the game and there are few mods that overhaul them. Having played previous playthroughs using ThoraldGM's Diamond City SWAT, I decided to have a go at tweaking the faction myself. Coming across the aforementioned Riot Armor made me think it would suit the guards given their police / security role in Diamond City. It gives the faction a distinct uniform style (like vanilla) whilst not looking out of place in Fallout. The green hue on the armour also further ties the guards into the "Green Jewel of the Commonwealth". 

MetalmonsterFNV - Creating the original Riot Armour Mod.
Radbeetle - Creating the female meshes. 
LBraden - Female Diamond City Security
ThoraldGM - Diamond City SWAT
Cthulhuandme -Varied Diamond City Guards