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11 equipable Lollipops (14 colors, 3 of them glow), Huge Lollipop Weapon (9 colors, 3 of them glow), 28 fitting poses, Radio station with 10 lore-friendly candy songs, Workshop adds placeable Lollipops, 21 Lollipop Posters (2 size versions) and a Lollipop Radio receiver.

Permissions and credits
11 succulent equipable Lollipops for your pleasure.
Each of the above come in 14 different tastes (colors). 3 of those come with a glow effect.
1 Huge Lollipop melee weapon has been added (9 colors, 3 of them glow).
28 poses have been hand fitted to hold the equipable lollipops.
Enjoy the radiostation with 10 lore-friendly candy songs.
Workshop adds placeable Lollipops, 21 Lollipop Posters (2 size versions) and a Lollipop Radio receiver.

Lollipops -> Chemistry Station (or using Dave's ESP Explorer)
Equipable Lollipop Color Swaps -> Armourer Workbench
Lollipop Weapon Color Swaps -> Weapon Workbench
Placeable items -> Workbench Menu -> Decorations -> Straw Lollipops





custom poses lolli1-28 can be accessed through the console:
open console, click on your character and type: playidle lolli1 <-- or lolli2, 3, 4,..

Alternatively if you have Opparco's Poser Hotkeys installed find the poses on the last slot (30).
You can further adjust the poses easily using Opparco's hkxPoser.

All Lollipops are assigned to slot 54 so you can use them together with Oeliza's tongue mod.
Lollipop inFrontOfMouth is just begging to be licked by it!

If you find the positioning of the Lollipops is off on your face preset you can open the meshes in Outfit Studio and adjust them accordingly. If you have never done it.. Its easier than you think. Give it a try and contact me if you get stuck.

Credits and attribution:

Standard license obtained for poster art from adobe stock:
© lukeruk – stock.adobe.com
© 3d_kot – stock.adobe.com
© olesha – stock.adobe.com
© Subbotina Anna – stock.adobe.com
© illustratiostock – stock.adobe.com

Free license (with attribution):
Food photo created by lookstudio - www.freepik.com
Background vector created by vectorpocket - www.freepik.com
People photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com

Other poster art from pixabay.com and pexels.com without need to attribute.

I do not own the rights to the radio songs.
They are being used under fair rights as a fan mod.
No copyright infringement is intended.

Any redistribution of the posters or songs in the mod is not permitted.
For the rest of the mod I explicitly allow free use and re-use

A very special thanks to:

KonataInoue for providing valuable knowledge on rigging-to-hand as well as providing the amazing lollipop weapon mesh and testing!
deuce2416 for creating and fine-tuning many poses for this mod, testing, screenshots and networking!
BrEad_Cola for providing screenshots!
BadChineseFood for providing screenshots!
-AbsoluteZero- for providing screenshots!
Raven92FS for providing screenshots!
M1nka for providing screenshots!
Alcatraz1Z32 for providing screenshots!
My wife for the inspiration, motivation and for providing screenshots!!
Delcan for the initial idea!