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This mod adjusts ALL weapons, not just the ones you can pick up. NPC health is more normalized, Turrets are deadly (yours and theirs) and things you used to laugh at like Vertibirds are now very dangerous. Difficulty is raised overall. Please read the full description.

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[left]Difficulty and Realism Overhaul 2.0

IMPORTANT: This mod is intended for NORMAL difficulty OR SURVIVAL with a mod to make damage 1:1. You WILL get wrecked on hard or survival under normal conditions due to the increased difficulty.

I left the old versions up for people who like them, to get the proper mod experience use 2.0 versions of all the mods. You will not get a proper experience if you do not use the perk mod, or play health mod, for example.

This mod should be as close to last in the load order as possible to work right. It has no adverse effects on mods like companion mods that don't mess with other NPCs or weapon/armor values. 

The purpose of this mod is to fix the numerous problems I found with Fallout 4, such as enemies having too much or too little health (the first raider you meet has 30 health and the toughest gunner has 1260 health in the retail game) weapons scaling too much with mods and perks, certain enemies being way too weak, (Robots and Vertibirds) and to overall make the game harder. Here is a list of just some of the changes this mod makes:

- Human health has been normalized. Humans will now have between 250 and 550 health, player included. In the base game human health ranged from 30-1260 which was idiotic. Human enemies are now more dangerous based on their weapons, armor, and combat skills (chance to hit) not just over inflated health.
- Certain enemies are faster than others, for example Deathclaws, Dogs, and Assaultrons are much faster now... you can't out run them. Fight to the death or don't get seen in the first place. 
- Robots have have armor.. gunpowder based weapons are highly ineffective against them. Pulse grenades now only damage robotic enemies and do huge damage to them. Pulse stuns humans but does no damage.
- Weapons are hugely adjusted. They start off doing MUCH more damage, but mods do not increase gunpowder based gun damage, rather their handling, rate of fire, and other aspects. Now you can pick up a gun and its somewhat useful. Lasers almost no recoil, Plasma does enormous damage but quickly loses damage over range. Missiles are HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) Thus do enormous damage to single targets with high armor penetration but very little AoE damage. 
- Examples of weapon damage and adjustments would be 5.56 doing 157 damage and .45 doing 180. However, 5.56 keeps is energy for a longer distance and will still be powerful at range, where .45 steadily loses damage over range. I tried to strike a balance between realism and game play when setting damage values. 5mm has 30-40% armor penetration based on the gun. Lower damage than 5.56 but usually higher rate of fire and armor penetration.
Assault Rifle is now .308 with a lower rate of fire, combat rifle is 5.56, Sub Machine Gun (Tommy Gun) now has some ammo conversions. 
- Body part damage is adjusted. In Vanilla head shots were 200% damage and every other part was 100%. In this mod, head is 325%, torso is 150%, Arms are 60% and legs are 80% for humans. Aim for heads and torsos for quick take downs. However, Robots take greatly reduced damage to the torso as that's where the thickest armor is... aim elsewhere. Different enemies have different vulnerabilities. On average, a human in no armor will die from 2 5.56 shots to the torso, however armor will have a large impact on this. Light armor maybe take 3 shots to die, heavy combat armor might take 8. 
- The game is HUGELY more dangerous overall. You will need to run away, lay traps, use grenades, call in arty strikes or use NPCs to help you. You must use cover, you will die if you play the game like Vanilla. 
- Perks are greatly adjusted. Toughness for example, is good now. ranged weapon perks no longer increase damage of the weapons, as this made no sense. 
- Changed enemy equipment. I have seen a lot of people complain that there should be more low level melee raiders, well now there are. I also changed outfits, no longer will you see gunners with right leg armor and left arm but nothing else... that made no sense what so ever. Enemies such as Gunners and High level raiders now wear a full set. 
- Combat against human enemies will be faster and more deadly overall. A Deathclaw will take much more firepower to kill than a few Gunners, but the Gunners may be more dangerous overall, as they have ranged weapons. It will depend on your build, tactics and weapon load out. 
- Power armor is buffed, you take much less damage in it vs the Vanilla game, but enemies are also more deadly. Use Power Armor for tough situations or if you just want things a bit easier... however you will still die if you rush out into the open against multiple powerful enemies. 

In my opinion, this mod gives the best combat experience for Fallout 4. However, it has a strong downside: Weapon and armor mods are not compatible, as they would have worthless values in this mod. They work IF you edit them to match this mod (for example, 5.56 should be 157ish damage and edit all the mods to not increase weapon damage) with that said, I will be uploading patches I made for some of the popular Nexus weapons to work with this mod.  You can edit other weapons, it is honestly very easy and should take you 5 minutes or less per weapon/armor. For armor, simply multiply the value by roughly 4-7 times its current value to make it useful. Weapon replacer mods will not work with this mod unless you edit their values accordingly. 

More description to come, the pictures are ancient, ignore them.