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If a weapon attachment is a sight and not a scope (and doesn't have 'scope' in its name) and has an FOV zoom multiplier value greater than 1, it gets patched. Plugin created is an ESL flagged ESP

Permissions and credits
Extract Hal_RemoveSightZoom.pas into the Edit Script folder wherever you have FO4edit setup

Load your entire plugin list into FO4edit
Right-click anywhere in the plugin list on the left, click Apply Script
Select Hal_RemoveSightZoom from the Script drop-down list, click OK
When it finishes processing, close FO4edit and save the new file RemoveSightZoom.esp
Make sure RemoveSightZoom.esp is enabled and at the very bottom of your load order
This can be added mid-playthrough

  • If removing any mods the patch created a change for:
Delete RemoveSightZoom.esp and run the usage process above again.

  • If adding new mods that the patch needs to change, reinstalling any mods or changing load order:
Run the usage process again, no need to delete the ESP

Delete RemoveSightZoom.esp from your Data directory or mod manager.
Delete Hal_RemoveSightZoom.pas from the Edit Scripts folder where you have FO4edit setup.

Let me know of any feedback, this is by no means perfect. Attachments that have names like Reflex Sight [2.5x] will get patched (and in my view is fine, these sights shouldn't give magically enhanced zoom). Remember you can manually remove entries from the patch if you feel you don't want them added. However, feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on a change that could be made, different types of search exclusions, etc. and I'll see what I can do. There really aren't any standards that I can see with naming of these things, so creating one exclusion will work for one or more mods while others need yet another exclusion (or many).

Thank you for reading.

Big thanks to ElminsterAU and everyone involved with xEdit