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Modern items from my Z Apocalypse player home for settlement builds

Permissions and credits
Z Apocalypse Crib Settlement Build ObjectsCraft Able made from scratch modern objects.
Craft Able objects from my Z Apocalypse Player Home mod.

All items (except BR2 Assets) are made form scratch with Blender an GIMP2
Collision Data isn't perfect but closer.

REQUIRMENTS: Z Apocalypse Player Home

Suggested any mod the removes or increase settlement build limit.

Like most my models they are higher poly then vanilla objects. This will fill your build limit fast. For perspective, Red Rocket can only have around 3/4 of these items before the limit build is full. I add to much detail to the models to make up for my texture painting lol.

I tried for a week straight to make custom menus, didn’t work for me. Tried multiple tutorials with an without SMM. I will work on that more later. I’m thinking the injection script wasn’t right.

I did make a Solar Panel setup and Water Reclamation\Recycle system thing. They act like a Generator and Water Purifier.

The Couch has 4 Parts. Base an the three cushions. This way it can act as 2 chairs an a bed.
The Cooking Stove snaps to the Mini Fridge so its relatively level for crafting.
I am messing around with making animated textures for the TV, huge confusing mess lol.
As I make more items ill add them in Updates.
Right now the Armor\Weapon and Armor\Weapon Smith workbenches had the same model. I will work on making another version of them to use.

Full List of all Items an where to find them:

Z Bed
Z Couch Base
Z Couch Cushion L Sit
Z Couch Cushion M Sleep
Z Couch Cushion R Sit
Z Gaming Chair
Z Media Center
Z Chem Box
Z Dresser
Z Filing Cabinet
Z Junk Desk
Z Locker
Z Locker Sm X2
Z Locker X3
Z Med Kit
Z Mini Fridge
Z Tool Box
Z Coffee Table
Z Conference Table
Z Dark Rayne Statue
Z Rayne Statue
Z Couch Blanket
Z Elevator Hoist Machine
Z Elevator Hoist Tower
Z Entertainment Center
Z Fan
Z Ham Radio
Z Ham Radio Desk
Z Monitor Wall
Z PC Desk 1
Z PC Desk 2
Z Pillow
Z Pillow Small
Z Flat Screen
Z Space Heater
Z Stereo
Z TES5 Rug
Z Solar Power System
Z Water Rec System
Z Armor Workbench
Z Armor smith Workbench
Z Chem Station
Z Cooking Stove
Z Weapon smith Workbench
Z Weapon Workbench

All BloodRayne 2 Figures an Assets are from BloodRayne 2, I just edited them a little to work in Fallout.