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Skeleton inverse kinematics, dog stacks, accelerometer earthquakes, ballistic tunneling, and backstabbing!

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Spooky Tracktion At A Distance

Do you get to the Diamond City Secret Room very often?What am I saying? Of course you don't.

I cannot seriously believe in it because the theory cannot be reconciled with the idea that novelty items should represent a reality in time and
space, free from spooky actions at a distance. I cannot, however, base this conviction on logical reasons, but can only produce my little finger as witness that there might be five or so "weird" items considered weapons up there.

Craneoss: The Hands of Freight
-- throw to produce a copy of Craneoss (while The Master isn't away). Craneoss will pick up nearby NPCs using
the magic of heuristic inverse kinematics and drop them from great height.

Spherical Co-Ordnance
-- wear the helmet and targets will appear (flamingos if crouched). Bullet forwarding: projectiles shot at the target will be forwarded from corresponding targets near corresponding NPCs. You will not be able to move until you take the helmet off, disappearing the targets. Best seen in a small room like the Robotics lab.

The Beast with 1-Back -- thrown to create a Cariah Dog, which implements a Stack. You can command a Cariah to examine objects like doors, containers, and NPCs and it will bear them in its mouth (not just ammo like lazy Dogmeat). Crouch-activating the dog will remove an item and place it until the stack is exhausted, which will kill the dog.

Stabatya -- swinging this dagger will tend to place an NPC near you, while crouch-swinging will put you near an NPC...

Seisbombeter -- throw this contraption on the ground. grab it and rethrow it to accumulate kinetic energy which will cause proportional earthquakes (it implements a moving window displacement accumulator ring buffer as a sort of directionless accelerometer). Crouch while earthquakes are going on and any seisbombeters will eventually settle down instead of being stuck in chaotic equilibrium.

If you don't want to parkour to the secret room, channel Deus Ex 2 and take the American flag in the Mayor's office and put its base close to a tiny toilet, then flush the toilet. This will reveal a shortcut you can use.