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Luxor8071's paintings added to the workshop menu as additional items instead of texture replacements.

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Luxor's Paintings - Workshop Items

This mod features the beautiful, original artwork of the talented Luxor8071 from the original texture replacement mod Luxor's Paintings. This is the same set of paintings, but adds them to the workshop menu in addition to the 50's inspired Mid-Century Modern abstract paintings from the vanilla game. This allows you more options to decorate your settlements with lovely artwork to make your settlers happy and inspired.

Found in vanilla workshop menu under Decorations > Wall Decorations > Paintings. Adds +1 happiness for each painting you add to your walls. :)


This mod contains the original textures used in Luxor's Paintings. If you downloaded Luxor's original texture replacement mod, be sure to uninstall that before installing this mod, otherwise you'll have duplicate paintings in your workshop menu.

Mod was compressed, cleaned and flagged as .ESL in FO4Edit. You're welcome.

I received written permission directly from Luxor to use their original copyrighted artwork for this mod. You may not distribute or post this mod anywhere else without permission from us both.

If you like this mod, please be sure to go over to Luxor's Paintings and Endorse. Luxor deserves all the credit. I am merely the tech in this endeavor. Also, check out the many, many other high resolution texture mods Luxor has to offer while you're at it.

Thank you for all the amazing textures and paintings you've given us, Luxor! You have helped give Fallout 4 the artistry and polish it deserves!