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A Re-Color for the Minutemen General's Uniform. Black, Blue, Green and Red.

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Minutemen General's Uniform


Because of my new job, i don't have much time left after work. And because of that, i won't do any mods, re-colors or requests in the near future. Sorry to the people that had a requests. I hope you will find other good mods and wish you a lot of fun with Fallout 4.

Description (Spoiler!)

If you choose to join the Minutemen and fullfill the questline till the end, you will become the General and find the General's Uniform. Normally the coat of the uniform is blue and beneath is a white shirt. They are very dirty and the color of the coat is kinda pale.

Because i really like the uniform itself and see my character as the general, i decided to re-color it myself. After a first attempt with a black version i decided to do red, blue and green aswell and added the logo of the minutemen on the back.

So i hope you like my very first "mod" and i hope you enjoy it.


1. Download the color version you would like to use from the file section.
2. Copy the texture folder into your DATA folder (Fallout 4/data).
3. If you haven't already done it for another mod, you have to change the Fallout4.ini in "../my games/Fallout4"

Go to the line that says: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\

Change it to: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\



- Added brown version
- Added all versions without logo on the back

Version 1.0
- Changed the color of the coat to > Black, Blue, Green or Red
- Changed the color of the shirt to bright white without the dirt
- Added the minutemen logo on the back
- Added golden buttons

This is my first version that changes the color of the coat and the shirt beneath. And adds the logo of the minutemen on the back.

Maybe i will try to change the color of the boots and gloves too. But i'm new to that stuff so give me some time. :)

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