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A couple of vests, a ghillie suit, and some combat gas masks to go with, with a whole bunch of mods available, enjoy

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I Got this far enought that i feel satisfied with it, no lamps, haven't learned how to do those, even so there's a whole bunch of other stuff to make the commonwealth a little bit more spicy, here's what's new

Armored Chest Piece with railroad armor mods, integrated to gunners and scavs, yeah, they get good gear now

Army Gas Mask, same as the Combat Gas Mask from my other mod, with different stats and color options

Wasteland Army Helmet with 3 different setups and material options

Merc Outfit with 3 different variants plus the darn Ghillie suit i've been bragging about for ages and still does not look anywhere near as good as the one from Ghillie Suit Redux, this one's lighter tho, much much lighter

Operative HazMat suit, with my custom gas mask and color options

Army Ballistic Vest with linings and material options

Female and Male versions of all pieces

All Craftable at Chem Station/ Utilities, Gunners, Scavengers, Minutemen and Vendors will have them
They have no perk requirements but do require generous amounts of rare materials to avoid making them too easy to get, the heavy stuff should start spawing in the world at level 15 ish

I don't really appretiate when in order to use mod "A", you must download "B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J",have the latest version of F4SE, you have to edit some ini stuff and fiddle with the load order because mod A changes so many things you can't really place it into a specific category, so no AWKCR, no CBBE, no other content needed other than base game, feel free to create a patch for said mods if you want, just let me know first, credit for whatever work i did and share a link for my main files


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