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I made a Harry Potter mod! Shoot Fanged Frisbees at your enemies! Raise them in your settlements!

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Note to my allies: You can love the art and hate the artist. I wasn't sure about publishing this one, but it's just SO MUCH FUN. And the Harry Potter universe it too good of a resource to waste just because the creator is a douche canoe.

Cho Chang shielded her eyes and stared up at the enormous pillar. What the hell was Filch on about? These things are dangerous! Despite the numerous warning signs, Cho began to climb the rickety ladder.

Hagrid had run off on some errand for Dumbledore, and The Three Of Them had ducked out shortly thereafter. This left the rest of the fourth years without a Magical Beasts teacher, and no substitute was available, of course. So they got stuck with Filch. Both Hagrid's mission and The Three's sneaking about obviously had to do with the tournament. Cedric was even unusually chatty about the dumb thing. Cho rolled her eyes as she neared the top of the ladder.

The was no buzzsaw noise she usually associated with the little flying creatures. In fact, it was almost silent near the top of the pillar; she paused a moment to listen and glance around. Not one of the little menaces was buzzing around. She had the distraction charm memorized, but she hadn't cast it yet. The wind wafted a sound to her ears, too brief to identify. Maybe someone talking in the distance, or singing.

At the top of the ladder, Cho pulled out her wand, reaching it above the edge of the nest first before peaking over. Still no fanged frisbees. But the sound again, definitely humming or singing. She climbed the rest of the way up and set about her chore, collecting the eggs from the nest. The eggs from Hogwarts would be hatched back at the greenhouses. Juveniles, once trained, would be sent off to carry office mail around the ministry of magic, or messages between staff and some powerful magical family. They are really cute when they're young, thought Cho.

"Yeah, before they get their teeth," she muttered. She finished the nest and the next three, using catwalks as old and as dangerous as the ladder. The humming grew louder, and behind the next nest, she could see someone sitting. Around them, fanged frisbees glided gently about, sometimes settling into a pattern for a moment, like out of sync pendulums. The student stood up and brushed off, her humming trailing to silence.

One by one, the fanged fliers returned to their looted nests, perfectly content.

"Oh, hello Cho!," said the girl.

"Hi, Luna."


In my usual repository for random items, the Root Cellar in Sanctuary, you'll find a magic wand.  It shoots Fanged Frisbees, and the ammo is their eggs, which have to be grown (the nests are in the resources -> food section, they also produce food for your settlers, but must be assigned).  Imagine the terror in even a supermutant behemoth when he sees these little guys flying at him!

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