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PONOS - Nagant based flare gun

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This flare gun does not exist in real life, but I like the Nagant revolver, so it now exists.
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This is not a mod, this is a resource (3D model + 4k textures for weapons and 1k for ammunition)
-------------------------------------------------- -------------
Information for people who want to create a mod with this model (I do not insist, I suggest):The model is 220 millimeters long as is the nagant revolver. And uses 4 gauge (26mm)
To understand the strength of a bullet of this caliber: the number 4 in caliber means that from 1 pound of lead, 4 balls of this caliber can be cast. Thus, the weight of a spherical bullet is 1/4 pound, and the weight of a conical bullet can reach 1/3 of a pound
To implement the idea of ​​equipping different ammunition in one weapon, you can look at the script of the "injection carbine", the one that the doctor sells, in Dynamond City.Ammunition options that I offer:To begin with, this is 2 stowels. Regular barrel and pepper shaker.
The pepper shaker is charged with 5mm and 5.56mm, which are fastened with a clip. (other calibers, which are in the fallout, will not fit in the pepper shaker. In the photo 5.56). all other ammunition is loaded into a normal barrel
1) these are 7 bullets united by a clip. This should do a lot of damage to the enemy and do about 3 units of recoil damage to the player.
2) Orange cartridge, intended for the case when you want to shout "go fuck out of here!". This patron must not deal damage or render the target hostile. The shot should knock the target 3-5 meters away and drop to the floor. This will be useful to push a partner into the elevator, or remove a partner or settler from some place (especially during construction).
3) the cartridge is yellow-gray. This is an illumination cartridge (something that is so lacking in the fallout) This cartridge should shoot a projectile that shines brightly with warm white light, which hangs in the air and falls very slowly (about 10-15 seconds) and illuminates the area. It would be ideal if you could use a script that will leave the player unnoticed, but all the enemies will attack the ball. Animals will run towards him, and people will shoot at him. This would make it possible to identify their positions.
4) The dark gray cartridge is tear gas. When firing into the window of a building, he must force everyone inside to run out into the street.
5) Red cartridge. There are a lot of buckshot, a large area of ​​destruction, huge damage to the enemy and several units of damage from recoil to the player.
6) This is a cartridge with a huge lead bullet. Such one could kill an elephant. This means very very large damage to the enemy and several units of damage from recoil for the player.7) It's simple, it's a grenade launcher shot.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
If you want to make a mod based on this model - please write to me.I also allow the use of this model for mods of other games, as well as any non-commercial projects. I allow editing. But do not forget to mention me as the author of this model or co-author of the mod.