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Raider boss Sully Mathis will no longer spawn in his underwear.

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The raider outfit of Sully Mathis consists of a Leveled List and Ushanka hat. However, the Leveled List contains helmeted Spiked and Caged armors, which also cover the head. This is the reason there is a chance he spawns naked, with Ushanka hat only, and the helmeted armor unequipped in his inventory. I created new Leveled List from the existing one and set it in an override of his outfit. In the new list I have removed the entries with helmeted armor. In addition, there is a new entry to the LL - after level 35, Sully will spawn in full set of armor with randomized pieces(leather, metal, raider, combat).

It is better to install this fix on a new game or before you meet Sully for first time. I'm not sure it will work after you have drained the excavation site. I don't know at what point this NPC is changed into his raider variant.
The plugin has ESL flag.

Looks like the Unofficial Patch already has you covered with a fix. No need for mine, unless you want it stand alone.