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Diamond City Radio and Institute Classical Radio tracks on demand. ESL tagged ESP.

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Pipify is just a little mod that allows you to play almost any track from both Diamond City Radio and Institute Classical Radio on demand.  That's it.  Load the holotape, select your station and play the track you want.  What it doesn't do is play the tracks one after the other because in that case you may as well just play the radio, and I saw it as reinventing the wheel.

I'm also not supporting radio stations put in by mods.  Before people start asking me to do it, to put it quite simply I can't.  For me to do this I'd have to create records for each track they use, and then create the terminals and the scripts.  There's also problems if they change their track list, which would mean I'd have to see what's been added/removed.  I also end up in the land of combos, and I'm not even going to think about that.  Sorry.

The holotape is found in Vault 114 the room where you need to use the terminal to open the evacuation tunnel, and is to the right of the terminal.

Anyway, love/hate/perform bizarre experiments on.