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Changes the rusty, decaying post-war textures of Vault 111 back to their clean, pre-war state.

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I tend to use Vault 111, through one mod or another, as my character's "fortress of solitude".  The rusty, stained textures annoy me, however, and since I can apparently build a laser rifle out of a 9 volt battery and an alarm clock I figured I must be able to, you know, sand and repaint stuff.

This mod replaces the post-war materials files with their pre-war counterparts, which removes most of the rust and stains from Vault 111.  These are not new textures, simply a renaming of existing files contained in the official BA2 archives.  This means no ESP/ESL is necessary, and you should be able to install or remove the changes at any point without issue.

I have not, at this point, taken a look to see if there is an affect on any other vault in the game.  Shouldn't be, as the renamed files are BGSM files specific to Vault 111, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

I made this specifically to use with Vault 111 Settlement - Main Quest Safe, which makes minimal changes to the vault you find upon exiting the cryopod.

Vault 111 - Player Settlement REDUX is, in my opinion, a better mod, as it comes pre-cleaned with a working gear door, but it does not have the Vault-Tec addon the other mod provides, and I wanted that for my current playthrough.  If you use this REDUX mod you don't need mine.