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This is a simple patch that allows Horizon to see some of the things that SS2 does. It does not merge the two systems perfectly, but it will allow Horizon to recognize SS2 Vendors and Doctors and include a few of the Horizon ingredients to most building types.

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This is literally the first thing I've ever posted on Nexus Mods, so be nice. I can't guarantee that this is working perfectly, but during my testing, it worked fine even with a fairly heavy load order. 

What it Does:
It simply adds a few Horizon things, like various tools and weapon parts, to the construction costs of the building plans and their upgrades. It isn't perfect, or even pretty, but it does currently work on that level.

It doesn't balance all the various ways that both SS2 and Horizon track things, it doesn't patch any other Horizon Jobs into the SS2 building types. I would like for it to do these things, but unfortunately, I have reached the limit of my modding ability.

I am not very good or experienced at this modding stuff, in truth this very basic patch took me the majority of this last week instead of playing and enjoying the game. If anybody is interested in taking this work and building upon it then I am very happy to let them. I suppose credit would be nice, but I'm not going to track it all that much or anything. Honestly I just got bored of waiting for somebody else to put one out, so I decided to just try it myself.

This is for the current Sim Settlements 2 at the time of this release (1.0.10) and the beta release of Horizon (1.8.0)