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- Added Bos Fatigues (REPLACER 4 MILITARY FATIGUES)for now
- Added Bos Beret (Retexture)
- Added Sharpened/Fixed Retextures for Field Scribe/Brotherhood Fatigues/Lancer Jacket/Etc...

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"I want a mod that really flushes out the BOS and makes them feel like a technological hoarding army"

"BOSR - Clothing" Will Contain much needed Sharpened Textures and Aesthetic Tweaks for all Brotherhood Outfits including Restored Concept armors for certain characters.

Fallout 4's Brotherhood Lacked Depth, They're supposed to be a "Technological Hoarding Army led by Maxon and his new Ideals" but instead was a mismatching Army with 5+ Outfits >:o, BOSR is a Redesign in the works aiming to add more to our favorite Faction (WIP).

"This Redesign will be costly and many Saved Games will be lost. But in the end, we will be saving Fallout 4 from its worst enemy... Bethesda."