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Adds a knife to the game that requires the player to find 5 coins to craft it. It has a custom model and texture, and so does the coin.

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This knife is my first attempt at adding 3d models into the game, that wasn't just mashups in outfit studio. I hope you like this. I will be trying to improve and make this mod an actual thing. To get the knife, you must find 5 coins and then use those coins to craft the weapon. If requested I may add it to the leveled list. It's craft-able in the chem bench.Feel free to get a mod author to improve this.

I have a video showing where to get the coins if you need it, but the name of the knife is "B.351 Knife" if you need to search it. I will put the form id here if people have a problem getting it. I also have screenshots to show where the coins are as well as the stats of the knife.

The knife has a hidden enchantment, it deal 5 points of damage for 5 seconds, it also does the furious effect.
I named the knife what I did because I don't know the actual name of the real life counterpart, and it's based of my name on here.

Thanks to gerokeymaster from youtube, I used what I learned about custom attachments from his videos.
Thanks to Seddon4494 for his amazing tutorial series.
Thanks to Kinggath for his bethesda mod school.
Thanks to Registrator2000 for his photo mod, I used that for the screenshots.
Thanks to MikeMoore for showing how to convert an obj to a .nif file

Tools used:
Blender - For modeling
Nifskope - Setting up for CK
GIMP - Texturing
Material Editor - Material editing
Outfit Studio - For converting obj file to .nif
Creation Kit
FO4Edit - For cleaning