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Shoots mini nukes...

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This mod changes a few things to do with the Minigun
-Mini Nuke Minigun just shoots nukes.
-MIRV version shoots about 30-50 nukes each bullet.
-Broadsider Minigun shoots cannon balls that explode. 
-Also added standalone versions of each weapon (NPCs won't shoot nukes or anything with theses and it won't conflict with any other minigun mods  as the other versions will probably conflict with every minigun mod and cause them to work or this not to work.) 

If you are downloading standalone versions read!

Downloading them means you can download all 3 standalone versions and not have any conflicts, or conflicts from any other minigun mods.

 Type "Help 'Mini Nuke Minigun' 4" to find the ID to spawn the weapon.

Also just to note, the older versions do not have a unique name in-game the newer versions do :)

Use the "sisme 0" command to disable blinding effect from the nuke Or download my other mod that Removes The Blinding Effect.

The Vertibird Minigun also shoots nukes

MIRV Version

This version in this video is not recommended to download at all, I have a 970 and it destroyed my frame-rate within seconds of shooting. Using Vats in it will destroy your frames in less then a second.