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Bat files that will allow you to call in individual knights, sentries, fire teams or and entire company of brotherhood for aid, as well as a script for resupplying on ammo and medical equipment. Now supports minute men and deathclaws if you are not the brotherhood fan.

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Bat files that will allow you to call in individual knights, sentries, fire teams or an entire company of brotherhood for aid, as well as a script for resupplying on ammo and medical equipment, whether you want to post some brotherhood knights to guard a position or blast through a bandit camp there are varrying types of support available in each of the scripts. 

Credit to Zimta for the video! Thanks!

Many thanks to Tyrannicon for featuring this mod in one of his montage videos! 

1. Download the text files
2. Place/Extract the files into the same directory as the .exe of Fallout 4
3. Launch the game
4. When in game press ' to open the console command window
4.1. IF you are using the enemy scripts, click on an object somewhere in the world where you want the enemies to spawn
5. Enter one of the following commands...


Brotherhood of steel 1.3

"bat knight" (without the quotes)
Spawns a knight to your aid

"bat sentry"
Spawns a sentry to your aid

"bat fireteam"
Spawns a small fire team

"bat company"
Spawns a small company

"bat supply"
resupply your character with ammo and medical equipment

"bat supplyandcompany"
combines company and supply scripts

"bat recon"
new recon units in version 1.1, call a pair of lightly armoured brotherhood knights

"bat legend"
Spawns a single brotherhood paladin legend to your aid 

"bat libertyprime"
Spawns an invincible liberty prime to your aid (killable liberty primes are not available apart from a hostile version which is included in the enemy scripts)

In 1.1> lightly armoured knight also appear in the company

Minutemen 1.0

"bat minuteman"
Call upon a single minute man to your aid

"bat minutesquad"
Call upon a squad of 3 minutemen

"bat minuterobot"
Raise a robot with an accompanying minute man

Synths 1.0

"bat synth"
Call a single synth android to your aid

"bat synthbackup"
Call a pair of synths

"bat synthsquad"
Call a squad of synths

NOTE: synths will appear with their human like disguises, as these were the only ones I was able to find that acted friendly toward the player. The release of the creation kit will allow for the creation of new NPCs to solve this limitation 

Deathclaw 1.0

"bat deathclaw"
Have a deathclaw come to your rescue (not sure how he/she reacts against other deathclaws however)

Enemy Scripts 1.1 (must click on an object in game where you want them to spawn)

"bat ghoul"
Spawns a single ghoul

"bat ghoulgang"
Spawns a gang on ghouls

"bat ghouldarmy"
Spawns an army of ghouls

"bat ghouldhorde"
Spawns a massive ghoul horde

"bat raider"
Spawns a single raider

"bat raidergang"
Spawns a small gang of raiders

"bat raiderarmy"
Spawn a large army of raiders

"bat libertyhostile"
Spawns a hostile killable liberty prime


Any NPCs that are spawned will remain and guard the location as which you called them, if you wish to remove them, open the console window, target them and enter the "disable" command

This is about as much as I was able to do without the actual modding tools, if I was able to check conditionals within the console windows then I would make the brotherhood support cost caps so that its not so much of a cheat, but its fun to have a play around with anyway. Once the modding kit is released I'll be tasking some mod ideas further.

Furthermore I'd like to say that these scripts a relatively easy to make, and if anyone has any requests I'd be happy to accommodate them. Just ask.

Enjoy, and please endorse or comment if you enjoy the file.

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