Fallout 4
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Adds CBBE BodySlide support to the Leather and Lightweight Leather armors

Permissions and credits
This mod provides the necessary files needed to generate CBBE compatible meshes for the outfits in GrilledTurkey's "Mojave Geckos" mod.

Usage instructions:
  1. Download and install the main file with a mod manager.
  2. Run BodySlide.
  3. Select the outfit you want to build a mesh for (the names of all outfits in the mod start with "CW").
  4. Select the body you want to build the mesh for
  5. Click the "Build" button at the bottom of the screen or "Batch Build" if building more than one outfit at once.  To build to a custom directory hold CTRL when clicking "Batch Build".
  6. Done.  If running BodySlide through Mod Organizer your newly built meshes will either be in the overwrite directory or BodySlide mod folder.

All outfits are the work of the GrilledTurkey team.

Report any issues in the comments section or create a bug report.