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The Commonwealth's getting more families -- adding to your immersion in a post-WW3 universe. It's up to you what you do with 'em! *WIP*

Permissions and credits
In our latest version (Alpha-05) we include a new NPC: Robert Marcus. He's Avery's husband, and father to Laura. The entire Marcus family is recruitable by the Player to any settlement's they've owned. Additionally, Avery's a trader, welcoming barter sessions with the Player, before & after recruitment to a settlement. Each member of the family has unique things to say. While Robert Marcus has dialogue and the ability to interact with the player, he is yet to be voiced, so the Player needs subtitles turned on to see what he has to say. This will change in the next release of this mod, when all three members of the Marcus family will be fully voiced.

** B O N U S **
Happiness rating increases +20 with each member of the Marcus family working on a player owned settlement, for a total bonus of +60.

** Special Weapons **
Avery Marcus has a special pipe pistol called "Scavver's Friend".
Robert Marcus has a special switchblade called "Cat Scratch Fever".

** Guardian Cats **
That's right. 3 cats are unique and also act as guard animals to the Marcus family. They're particularly fond of Robert, and follow him around throughout the Commonwealth. 
These cats come with a settlement rating bonus toward happiness as well! 

** D E V E L O P E R   N O T E **
*WIP* Voice Actors already hired to add unique voices to the Marcus Family. Stay tuned!

This will work with your game, regardless of when you started a new play-through. It adds 3 human NPCs and 3 cats to the base game. This mod does not rely upon any DLCs, so it will work with any version of Fallout 4, including all DLCs.

More mods in the pipe: Dillinger Place Radio, Settler Hunter, and Immersive Stories. Support from players like you means I get to pay voice actors to help bring these mods to life! Like what you see? Buy us coffee so we can keep producing fun things for your gaming needs. You can support us on Patreon too!


Created & Produced by TJOliverBooks

Laura Marcus voiced by Zip. She is a daydreamer who likes to create world's in her off time. She loves to write and make characters come to life and embody them in different ways. She loves the art of storytelling and what it does/can do to a person. She can't imagine spending her life any other way then creating stories. Contact Zip here: creationcube0 @ gmail [dot] com or visit her on Youtube.

** Learned a lot from tutorials and forums online, including pearls of wisdom from King Gath, Gamer Poets, DarkFox127, TU3SD4Y and Seddon4494.