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Multiple options for what you want to hear on Radio Freedom! No longer do you have to listen to pioneer music in order to hear minutemen alerts!

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Minutemen Radio Extended

Radio Freedom (Minutemen Radio) alerts you to events around the world involving your settlements that you might otherwise never hear, so it's great to listen to. Unfortunately, that would mean you also have to listen to the music on that station which... isn't for everybody. That's where this mod comes in! This mod replaces the 11 songs in the minutemen playlist with whatever option you choose, while keeping the minutemen alerts intact! Below are the options.


Version A - Oldies Radio
- "Dear Hears and Gentle People" - Bob Crosby
"The Wanderer" - Dion
"Uranium Fever" - Elton Britt
"Personality" - Johnny Mercer
"Keep a Knockin'" - Louis Jordan
"Crawl Out Through the Fallout" - Sheldon Allman
"The End of the World" - Skeeter Davis
"Atom Bomb Baby" - The Five Stars
"I Don't" - The Ink Spots
"It's All Over but the Crying" - The Ink Spots
"Uranium Rock" - Warren Smith

Version B - Alerts Only
This version replaces the minutemen songs with silence. This means that you can listen to Radio Freedom and ONLY hear the alerts! There are three flavors of this version: 2.5min, 5min, and 10min. Each determines the amount of time between each alert. So if you chose the 5min Silence version and listened to Radio Freedom, the radio would give you new alerts every 5 minutes. Important Note: Unfortunately, having the radio on mutes all ambient music. So, there will be no ambient music while you're listening to the station. I'm working on a fix for this that will only change it on specifically this radio station. Not sure it's possible yet.

Version C - The Sixty Minutemen
This version replaces all minutemen songs with "Sixty Minute Man" by Billy Ward and the Dominoes. Only for those confident that they won't go insane.

Planned Features:
- More variants, like Classical, Jazz, Dubstep. If you have any suggestions for variants or specific songs in a variant, leave a comment!
- I'd like to make it so that when using the Silence version, ambient music continues to play in the wasteland.
- I'd like to make a NMM installer that allows you to choose between variants and other options. It might even allow me to let you pick individual songs out of a larger number of options..

How to Install:
- Choose ONE version from the downloads page.
- Method 1: Use Nexus Mod Manager to install it.

- Method 2: Place the "Sound" folder into your "Data" folder.

How to Uninstall:
- Method 1: Disable in Nexus Mod Manager.
- Method 2: Go to your Fallout 4 folder and navigate to "Data/Sound/FX/MUS/Radio/Minutemen" and delete all 11 files inside.

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