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A modification for Fallout 4 that lights faces during dialogue automatically and is fully configurable.

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Reginald's Dynamic Cinematic FACE Lights!
This is a small modification for Fallout 4 that adds the option of using dynamically created lights during cinematic scenes. Users can configure all aspects of the mod.

No more darkness when you are talking with people, their faces will always be lighted!

How to use the mod
You can install the mod at any time in your game progress. The mod will 'unlock' once you load your game and move into a new area. You will receive a new (settings) keyworded holotape in your inventory, which you can use to configure the lights with.

Compatible with all other face light mods
Note: This mod is primarily meant as aid during gameplay. It's not meant as a tool for beautification shots (but it can be used that way when in dialogue). The light is not bound to players or NPC's and cannot be turned on permanently.

Light Intensity Configuration
You can configure the light to 3 intensities: Dark, Normal and Bright.

Light Placement Configuration
You can configure the light to 4 preset locations:

- Low (Chest height)
- Medium (Right above face height) (Recommended setting)
- High (Above head)
- Very High (High above head)

Important: The light will always be placed between you and your first dialogue target.

KNOWN ISSUE: With 'High' and 'Very high' the light sometimes is not visible in areas with a low ceiling.

When to trigger the light to appear Configuration
You can configure the light to trigger as follows:

- Always during Dialogue (Recommended setting)
- Only when it's Dark (light level is beneath 50%)
- Only when it's Very Dark (light level is beneath 25%)
- Only during night time (From 18:00 - 08:00)

Important: When triggered to dynamically turn on/off depending on light level. The script will check the AVERAGE light level between you and the NPC's you are talking to. If you are 100% in the light and your NPC is 0% in the light, then the average calculated will be 50%.

KNOWN ISSUE: The light could 'blink' on and off when NPC's or players are standing under the shadow of a tree.
This is because the light is set to dynamically go on under dark lighted circumstances. As the tree sways, light and darkness changes on the NPC's, making the light go on and off.

KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes the light goes on when it shouldn't. Or sometimes it doesn't go on when it should.
There isn't really any easy way to detect in script if the player is in a dialogue camera or not. I'm constantly working on finding better ways of detecting exactly when the light should go on or off.

KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes a dark seam can be seen in the light.
This is because of the way that omnidirectional lights work in the game. All omnidirectional lights have that actually, mappers just work around it in smart ways by using fill lights. The light will try to rotate always in such a way that the seam is invisible, all by itself!

Install like any other mod. Use vortex or another mod manager.
You can safely uninstall this mod AFTER disabling it through the holotape.

After upgrading to a new version, choose the 'reset' option in the holotape and exit the pipboy or terminal.
(Alternatively, use the 'enable' and then 'disable' options inside the holotape, but make sure to exit the pipboy each time after choosing an option).

About ESL / Light master version of the plugin
An ESL version of this mod is currently being tested but it does not look good. As I intend to update this mod in the future with  more lights and functions, there's no way currently to actually make it ESL without future updates breaking the mod. Because Form ID's have to be compacted with each release, all underlying objects and scripts break with each release. For now this mod will remain ESP. Perhaps once it's finalized and has all future options enabled and I've stopped developing, I might look back into ESL'ing it.