Fallout 4
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Alternate Grass and Plant textures

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      This is a re-texturing i did of some of the grass and plant textures. A few of the base plant textures are from Arisen1's excellent mod Touch of Green

      Tookie's Textures Grass & Plants has gone thru a whole slew of changes! I've gone over all the files in this mod, re-touched, and in some cases re-worked entirely all the textures and added a few more. New normal and spec maps, and replaced the terrible looking blastedgrass02 with my updated beach grass. I hope you like the results! Cheerz!

 Please feel free to upload pic of how it looks in your game.


1.1-Added better Deadshrub01 texture(color and compression)
      -Added prewarhedgerow01 as hedgerow01

1.2-Added blastedforestgrass01, meadowgrass01 and white HubFlower01

Optional DL-Added Recolored ElmInstituteAtlas and renamed ElmAtlas. Best used in conjunction with Trees Have Colorful                Leaves
       -Added new ElmAtlas specular

1.3-Added Deadfflower, DeadFlower02 plus new normal map
      -Added Fern01 
      -Added Meadowgrass02
      -Added ForestGrass01
      -Updated MeadowGrass01
      -Updated Hubflower01

1.4-see above info.



  And remember to check out my other mods on my page.  I hope you like em!