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Replaces .38 rounds with 9mm rounds. Also optionally replaces 5mm and .50 cal rounds with more appropriate ammo types.

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WTF is a .38 round?

Seriously WTF is it supposed to be?

It's the most common ammo in the game, yet it bares no resemblance to any kind of common ammo. 

The ammo box has a revolver on it so is it .38 special? Nope, because the .38 bullets in this game are rimless. 

Is it .38 super? Maybe, but the grain looks like it's too low.

.380 ACP? Cartridge too big.

.38 ACP? Maybe, but those were phased out at the turn of the 20th century, way before Fallout's timeline diverges from our own. 

9mm Luger alternative manufactured in the USA and labelled with moon-landing units? Could be, except for one thing...


There is literally no reason why the most common ammo in Fallout 4 would be anything other than 9mm.

This mod simply renames all the .38 ammo in the vanilla game to "9mm". When you loot an enemy, purchase the ammo from a shop, or even look it up in the command console, it's referred to as 9mm.

Unfortunately, any mod that doesn't use vanilla naming conventions will still use ".38" to refer to custom receivers, conversions, et cetera, but only in the weapon workbench menu. 

Simply drag ONE of the .esl files into your Fallout 4 Data folder, and make sure it's activated in your load order. Done!

There are also optional files that change 5mm and .50 cal rounds because...

WTF is a 5mm round?

This round doesn't exist irl. Fair enough, Fallout is sci-fi. Makes sense to have new types of bullets. My only question is WHICH PART OF THIS HUGH JASS BULLET IS 5MM?!?!?!
Irl Miniguns fire 7.62x51mm NATO rounds. Bethesda knows this. I know Bethesda knows this because 5MM AMMO ACTUALLY HAS 7.62x51mm WRITTEN ON THE SIDE OF THE BOX!!!

WTF is the .50 cal?!
Don't tell me those are supposed to be 50 BMG! The magazines would be twice as wide!
.338 Lapua makes the most sense but... goshdarnit I just love me some Russian steel, so I made an optional file for 7.62x54mmR as well.