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Do you hate whiny companions? Do you think MacCready should grow a pair? Do you only take him as a companion to get his perk and get access to the Surgical Journal in MedTek Research?

If so, DeadCready may be for you.

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I HATE MacCready!

He’s a whiny little bitch who makes me want to kill puppies every time I hire him.
However, not one but two perks are locked behind his companion quest so every time I play, I feel obliged to drag him along so I can
get access to his perk and the Surgical Journal in Med-Tek Research.
No more I say.  NO MORE!!
What does DeadCready do, I hear you ask.
Simple.  It kills him. Dead
Upon entering the Third Rail VIP lounge, you will be greeted by no one.  MacCready is there, but he is dead.  On the floor. In the corner, where he belongs.

Look to the left and you will see the Surgical Journal, moved from the Med-Tek Research sub levels.

Look to the right, and you will see a new issue of Guns andBullets.  Picking this up will grant you MacCready’s companion perk without the torment of having to listen to him whine or take credit for kills he contributed nothing towards.

Three options are available.
Vanilla – Perk Magazine gives the vanilla perk with text to match.
Critical – Perk magazine gives an altered perk to grant a 5% passive critical chance with text to match.
Generic – Perk magazine gives the vanilla perk but with a generic description to use with any other mods that alter the companion perk.

Additionally, if you still (for some reason) want to explore the sub-levels of MedTek Research, the password requirement has been removed from the terminal on the top floor, allowing you to disable the lockdown without the help of MacWhiney.

An Optional file has been added that places another magazine in the Castle Tunnels.  This magazine grants Preston's companion perk, renamed "Divided They Fell".  Intended to be used along with mods that remove the minutemen as a faction such as Preston is Killable by SKK Last Man Standing, or Minuteman's Last Stand. Or for those who just have no interest in dealing with Preston at all and who leave him sitting in the Prison of Freedom.  "The Last Minute" unique Gauss rifle, previously sold by Ronnie Shaw can also be found in this room.

No PreCombines were harmed in the making of this mod.