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Replaces the vanilla assault rifle with a more believable looking design.

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Always hated the vanilla assault rifle? Always though it was too bulky and looked far more like an LMG? Well this is the mod for you (or not, I'm not your mom). This fully replaces the vanilla assault rifle with a new, more believable mesh, it doesn't change the animations (1st or 3rd) or sounds. all the new weapon mods are added to the level lists and its all compatible with super mutants (no exploded meshes). I've also included a compatibility patch for See Through Scopes. 

I'm not 100% sure how this behaves when installing over a current save, my limited testing shows that you can in fact install with no issues, as this mod only adds new attachments and doesn't remove any.

This was going to be a larger mod building off of eyeshkeeper meshes, however a signifigent real life illness has really crept into the way. the result is much less work done then what the grandiose title would suggest. i haven't done any more with the project for a few months and have just been sitting on the files. i might return to this in the future as i am proud of what i have done so far, seeing as this is the first real mod ive ever done, but it isn't done and there may be bugs.  

Things left undone:  
- Finalizing stats for some of the new mods, easy stuff like magazine sizes are in, but harder stuff like accuracy or aim speed aren't done.
- I wanted to re-add the vanilla assault rifle alongside this version but chambered in .308 and rebalanced as a much rarer and more powerful LMG, sort of like the LMG from Fallout: New Vegas.   
- More mods, particularly muzzle, stocks, foregrips, all custom by me.  
- And the holy grail for me, new animations, both the reload animations and making the bolt move when firing.
like i said earlier, this is the first real mod I've done, so if there are any critical things that need to be fixed i can do that, things like best practice files structure, crashes, missing stuff, etc.

Credit to eyeshkeeper, he did most of the original meshes, here is the link to his mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/44177