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Adds previously uncraftable chems into the chemistry station

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UPDATE 1.1: Brain Bombs have been removed. I have grander plans for them, and want to separate them from this mod.

Another day, another trash mod from Crimson Knight. This one adds all the uncraftable chems to the chemistry station. Now, I have very little knowledge about drugs, so a lot of the requirements might be complete garbage, so let me know and I'll be open to adjusting them.

This .esp makes the following changes:
  • Addictol is craftable, requiring 1 abraxo industrial cleaner, 1 mutated fern, 2 glowing fungus, 1 Med-X, and 1 plastic; locked to Chemist rank 3
  • Buffout is craftable, requiring 1 abraxo cleaner, 1 purified water, and 1 oil
  • Calmex is craftable, requiring 2 mutfruit, 1 Nuka-Cola, and 1 steel; locked to Chemist rank 2
  • Daddy-O is craftable, requiring 1 Berry Mentats, 1 Mentats, 1 Orange Mentats, and 1 plastic; locked to Chemist rank 2
  • Day Tripper is craftable, requiring 2 abraxo industrial cleaner, 1 purified water, 2 acid, and 3 oil; locked to Chemist rank 2,
  • Med-X is craftable, requiring 1 hubflower, 1 stimpak, and 1 acid
  • Psychobuff* is craftable, requiring 1 Buffout and 1 Psycho
  • Rad-X is craftable, requiring 2 fern flower, 2 antisepctic, 2 oil, and 1 plastic (look in HEALING, not DRUGS)
  • X-Cell is craftable, requiring 1 Bufftats, 1 Calmex, 1 Daddy-O, 1 Day Tripper, 2 nuclear material, and 1 plastic; locked to Chemist rank 4
  • Psychotats actually craft Psychotats*
*Previously, the Psychotats recipe in the Creation Kit was set to craft Psychobuff by mistake, so I corrected it and made a new recipe for Psychobuff