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Armor and clothing has Legendary slots (including the wedding rings and the pipboys). Cloth-style armor/clothing can take Ballistic Weave (powerful with some of the Nuka World armors). Many clothing items can now act as underarmor, or can have underarmor underneath (clipping may occur).

Permissions and credits

Adds legendary keywords to all clothing (including wedding rings and the pipboy).

Adds ballistic weave to most cloth clothing (including bandana's - why should only a few hats get all the fun?).

Ballistic weave can now be removed from clothing. (Handy if you want to swap the Institute Killer Weave around.)

Allows many items of clothing to act as underarmor, or to have underarmor underneath them. (Hazmat suit can have underarmor, etc.)


Additions to 1.1:

* Added ballistic weave to a few more items
* BOS underarmor can now have linings like the Vault Suit
* Invisible paint to make armor invisible (not the Trapper armor - something about that causes CTDs)

~~~List of "New" Underarmor~~~

In no particular order (ie in the order that it appears in the CK etc):

Letterman's Jacket and Jeans (High School red jacket)
Winter Jacket and Jeans
Radstag Hide Outfit
Male Casual Outfit
Laundered Loungewear
Fatigues (Desdemona's)
Father's Lab Coat
Mechanic Jumpsuit
Greaser Jacket and Jeans
Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans
Longshoreman Outfit
Lorenzo's Suit
Patched Suit
Black Vest and Slacks (Mobster outfit)
Suspenders and Slacks (Mobster outfit)
Pastor's Vestments
Postman's Uniform
Dirty Postman's Uniform
Checkered Shirt and Slacks
Sweater Vest and Slacks
T-Shirt and Slacks
Woman's Casual Outfit
Farmhand Clothes
Patched Three-Piece Suit
Surveyor Outfit
Hooded Rags
Padded Blue Jacket
Utility Coveralls (Sturges)
Clean Black Suit
Clean Blue Suit
Clean Grey Suit
Clean Striped Suit
Clean Tan Suit
Dirty Black Suit
Dirty Blue Suit
Dirty Grey Suit
Dirty Striped Suit
Dirty Tan Suit
Summer Shorts
Ratty Skirt
Institute Jumper
Dirty Institute Jumper
DB Tech Varsity Uniform
Fisherman's Outfit (Far Harbor)
Fisherman's Overalls (Far Harbor)
Black Fisherman's Overalls (Far Harbor)
Green Fisherman's Overalls (Far Harbor)
Brown Fisherman's Overalls (Far Harbor)
Grey Fisherman's Overalls (Far Harbor)
Furry Pants and T-Shirt
Mason's Outfit
Western Outfit
Western Outfit and Chaps
Orange Shirt Western Outfit
Cowhide Western Outfit
Cappy Jacket and Jeans
Nuka-World Jacket and Jeans
Bottle and Cappy Red Jacket and Jeans
Bottle and Cappy Orange Jacket and Jeans
Nuka-World Geyser Jacket and Jeans
Nuka-World Jumpsuit
Zeke's Jacket and Jeans
Submariner Uniform
Covert Sweater Vest

~~~Known Issues~~~

Some of the clothing might clip weirdly. Let me know if it's too awful-bad, though I did my best to be sensible with them. (Outfit Studio changes are beyond me.)

If there's any clothing which seems out of order - legendary should be last instead of first/middle - let me know in a post and I'll look at it. Picture and full name will help lots.


Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: This conflicts with X mod.
A: Make your own patch or see above.

Q: Bethnet?
A: Here...

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