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An actual worthwhile use for the Technical Documents (and Viable Blood Samples) that you find from some BoS quests: make legendary items with them. Includes swapping legendaries between weapons.

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From the Fallout 4 wiki:

"Technical documents are files and papers which contain information about advanced pre-War technologies. As such, they are especially valued by the Brotherhood of Steel who seek to stockpile these documents in order to learn the technologies and prevent the masses from abusing them. They can be turned in to Proctor Quinlan for 25 caps each."

That is a freaking pathetic return for something supposedly so valuable.

Worse: If you become enemies with the BoS, that quest will continue giving you technical documents ad-infinitum. Everyone else will only pay you 1 cap per too.

Ditto for viable blood samples, though at least they're worth 10 caps per to anyone other than Scribe Neriah.

Time to use some'a that advanced pre-War technology for *your* benefit!

~~~What it Affects~~~

* Armor legendaries
* Power Armor legendaries
* Weapon legendaries

You can also craft:

* X111 Compound
* Molerat Cure (if you have romanced Curie)
* Mysterious Serum (if you have completed the Cabot House series of quests)
* Prevent (if you have completed MacCready's quests)

~~~How it Works~~~

* Legendary items that you don't want can be scrapped for 5 Technical Documents each.

* Legendary items that you do want can be crafted for 10 Technical Documents each. (Assuming that you have the perk requirements.)

* Legendary mods can be swapped between items. (They have a loose omod also, which glows slightly.)

* Craftable compounds are found in the Chemistry station under the Healing category.

~~~Known Issues~~~

The legendary mod for melee weapons can be placed upon projectile weapons. Some modifications are possible upon any melee weapon. More testing and tweaking is required.


Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier game.

Q: When will you get the issues fixed?
A: How long is a piece of string? I've been trying to tweak them for nearly a year now - eventually I'll get it right. This is only put up on Nexus because people said that I should put it up. Even so I've been procrastinating.

Q: Hey, X legendary has Y weirdo perk required!
A: Thanks for pointing that out! While I think they all make sense, I've definitely screwed it up in the past. (An incendiary effect requires cryocells to make? What on earth what I thinking...?)

Q: BethNet?
A: Here...

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