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Simple mod that reduces the benefits of sneak perks. Comes with three levels of nerf to choose from and a separate mod to re-enable mines/floor traps.

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Sneak Perk Nerf

I like to play stealthily, but it seems a bit ridiculous when a bad guy can't see me shoot him in the face from 4ft away in broad daylight. This mod reduces the benefits of the sneak perk, and comes with a separate mod that re-enables mines/floor traps. Includes a high nerf level set that halves the benefits of the vanilla perks, and a mid set with less of a nerf - see table below.

SneakPerkNerf[level]MinesTraps.esp - this optional file re-enables mines and floor traps, to be used in conjunction with SneakPerkNerf[level].esp. So if you want sneak nerfed and traps re-enabled you'll use TWO esps. Make sure to use the trap re-enabler with the same nerf level as the desired sneak nerf.
SneakPerkNerfMinesTrapsONLY.esp - use this file if you want traps enabled but are not using SneakPerkNerf.
SneakPerkNerf.esp - The sneak perk has two factors; a sneak skill multiplier (higher is better), and a movement detection multiplier (lower is better):

rank - original sneak/mov - high sneak/mov - mid sneak/mov - midV2 sneak/mov
sneak 1   -   20%/.90     -   10%/.95     -   20%/.90     -   20%/.90
sneak 2   -   30%/.80     -   15%/.90     -   25%/.85     -   25%/.80
sneak 3   -   40%/.70     -   20%/.85     -   30%/.80     -   30%/.70
sneak 4   -   50%/.60     -   25%/.80     -   35%/.75     -   35%/.60
sneak 5   -   50%/.50     -   25%/.75     -   35%/.70     -   35%/.50

The mid set will let you move somewhat freely, get a good position and take out a few bad guys before the rest zero in on you. The 'v2' mid set has the same movement detection values as vanilla, and so will let you slink away more easily if someone spots you (probably the best choice for those who just want to eliminate the more glaringly unrealistic encounters). The high set will allow bad guys to see you moving around as though they actually have eyes in their head, and will probably impact your playstyle fairly dramatically.

Note: companions use the same perks, so will also become more visible. Use Companion Sneak to overcome this.

installation: choose the .esp for the desired nerf level, and the associated MinesTraps .esp if you want mines/traps re-enabled (otherwise don't use it). Ensure SneakPerkNerfMinesTraps.esp is AFTER SneakPerkNerf.esp in the load order. Place after other mods that affect perks.

Important: If you are using NMM it will probably attempt to activate all esps, so be sure to deactivate those that you are not using. The FOMOD version will prompt you to choose a package. Thanks to CRAZYJACKAL for setting that up.

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