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The mod Excessive Blood Spray Overhaul adds many new visual effects when hitting enemies. It also adds blood to characters and NPCs bodies, that can occur with a crit. This mod adds 2 minute timer and a new texture that also covers the face with seamless neck-transition, and fixes seams many places around the body. Tested with Fusion Girl / CBBE.

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It requires the mod from bl3azy called Excessive Blood Spray Overhaul

That mod adds great many features, like proper blood sprays. Bl3azy also included an effect that sometimes happen, where your character gets covered in blood.
I had major seams whenever that blood effect was on my character, since the original texture stopped at the neck and didn't cover the face. I tried tweaking that texture,  to make it work better, and give proper facial coverage and fix the original neckseam. I am a not good at paint.net so I hope someone will make a much better texture some day and maybe use this as inspiration! But good enough for now, fixed the most glaring issues and troubles

Patch Features:
- ESP-FE that extends the time the blood stays on the body before disappearing from the EBSO mod;
from 15 seconds in the original EBSO mod to 120 seconds.
Effect have a chance to apply to both NPC and player when body part explodes but it is not overdone.
- Fixes minor bugs in original mod, like blood that covers the screen when using Enhanced Blood Textures

- Adds an tweaked texture of the original EBSO, it is also much more transparant
- Fixed mostly seams over CBBE / fusion girl body by rotating and resizing the original texture and adding transparant spots
- Adds facial and neck coverage with mostly seamless neck transition.

"WET - Water Enhancement Textures" makes the gunshot wounds spray water

Just activate orignal EBSO mod, and load my mod after.

I will try and get some more pictures when I get time to play.

Try either Subtle or Vivid Weathers version.