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This mod adds the Coventry Park outfit from Black Ops Cold War to Fallout 4, it's CBBE and female only, bodyslide file included.

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  • Mandarin

This mod adds the Park Coventry Outfit from Cold War which features :

The Outfit
Beanie (With Park Hairs)
16 Materials swap
Customizable Equipment

You can craft it at the chemlab under BOCW Park Coventry, or you can give it to yourself by typing "help 4 coventry armor" and "player.additem ID", it comes with materials swap as well as modfiable equipment and lining options to level up the armor, this outfit is Female Only.

This is my second outfit for Fallout 4, there is a lot of textures, so when equiping the outfit, you may have a 2-3 seconds freeze, the bodyslide file is really simple, it could be done better. The weighting is better than the last oufit, but there might be some issues. Default hairs on the beanie has been setup to work with Azar Hairstyles.

Coventry Park Original models and textures - Treyarch/Activision

Under no circumstances will this mod, or any content from this mod be allowed to be distributed anywhere else, or integrated into another mod.  No profit or gain will be made from this mod or any future mods that contain ported content from Black Ops Cold War. All assets (models/textures) are property of Treyarch/Activision and I will never claim them as my own.

Gloves porting, weighting and rigging - Blyatman
Screenshots - Drifter, Arcades, LittleLightGordon, HeroicPie, DarkoneNadie

Drifter, Arcades, LittleLightGordonHeroicPieDarkone, Nadie for the screenshots and testing
HeroicPie, OhDeer for tips and advices
Blyatman for the gloves

This mod is DONE, which means there won't really be any updates for it aside from bugfixes and such.
If you want to make your own edits for personal use, FO4Edit, OutfitStudio, and Paint.net are all fantastic free programs which will get you far.

Please don't ask me for any other armor ports.

Yes, we know this outfit isn't lore-friendly. Yes, we also know that the outfits themselves might not be realistic.
Suggestions/requests will usually be ignored since we already get a lot of them from our friends (and we ignore them too).