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The Old Guard is a fully voiced quest mod that is part one of a series of quest mods I plan on making in order to expand on underdeveloped parts of the base game story. Currently just a little snapshot of what the final project will be, so treat this like an alpha of sorts....

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This mod is my alpha test of a bigger mod project I have planned that will populate the Commonwealth with new stories, quests, locations and experiences. The small team that has been formed is looking to attempt to do little side quests as well as eventually change and add in much larges locations and quests... perhaps even change the main questline's ability of play in the far future.

Included in this little alpha snapshot is a simple quest titled 'The Old Guard' that follows the story of Nate (The Sole Survivor)'s past where one will look into the story of another veteran of the United State's war with China. Learn of his story and meet new people along the way. This however is of course simply the first look at the first little act and we're very excited to hear feedback from the community to fix and bugs and or enhance the overall experience in any way we can. If you have any suggestions for the mod's future, bug in need of fixing or the like feel free to let us know!

-This quest is currently based around the story of the male Sole Survivor, in more finished future iterations we will make a version with dialogue tweaks to fit Nora's story, and maybe a neutral one for further custom RP experiences.

-This is my first ever quest mod so if it's bad... well I'm sorry

You should get a quest upon the start of your game/loading in that tells you to go to Sanctuary and check your family's old Mailbox.

Eventually we hope to both expand this story in a further fledged mod and or sequel mod or quest called 'Scattered to the Wind' that will expand upon the story further. Past that we hope to do other expansions to this project such as a Diamond City Bounties and Boundaries which will include new spaces, NPCs, quests and encounters. Along with that idea an overly ambitious one down the line is to completely overhaul the minutemen questline as well as adding in a gunner's main questline that interacts with the story... but right now that's all a pipe dream of what could be.

Me (Pig) - Coding, Level Design & Quest Design
Voidstomp - Voice Acting, Page Formatting & Writing

Known Issues:

Scrapping the sole survivors mailbox in sanctuary before using this mod may cause it not to work.