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Adds zombie dogs into the game from Resident Evil: Umbrella Corp.

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This is a mod (part of a much larger project) that adds zombie dogs, or the Cerberus, into the world of Fallout 4. This is more or less a taste of what's to come, also to test the waters so to speak.

They are script-injected into the Viscous Mongrel Leveled Lists, so wherever you might encounter some, these fellas might spawn too. They are also under the FeralGhoul faction, so they will help ferals end your life faster.

Creature Description:

They are domestic canines that have been infected by the T-Virus, and they have slightly stronger stats than that of a generic Mongrel. They are also quite faster, and more aggressive to protect their territory. As you can see, definitely not lore friendly.

If you want to see one ingame, simply type "help zombie 4" into the command console and use the Reference ID to spawn one in via "player.placeatme xx".


1. Use a mod manager and activate.

Soft Requirement:

Dog can grab player by elzee, not required for functionality but with it installed, dogs will be able to grapple onto humanoid npcs including yourself. See screenshot for a look.

A full mongrel replacement esp is included for those that prefer that instead.

Known Issues:

- Dogs have no VATs hitboxes, thus only rendering the main torso targetable. No plans for implementation, but someone else could give it a shot

- Dogs have no dismemberment

- Some weighting is still to be adjusted, specially around the neck. Sometimes it looks like a spaghetti noodle.

- There will be no ESL version provided as of now. Currently waiting for the bigger packs to do this.


Anything and Everything. Zombie Walkers, More Zombies, Unique NPCs, don't matter. This mod will fit itself into your loadorder without conflict.

Want to see more Resident Evil Creatures? See the sticky in the Posts.

Please endorse the mod if you enjoy it, helps it get more attention in the circulation of dozens of others. Thanks everyone!


Model: 972oTeV for the Dog model

Deadblot2 for a lot of rigging help

Credits go to Capcom for their videogame Resident Evil:Umbrella Corporation and the trademark logo I incorporated into my personal one, and Bethesda for Fallout 4 

Tools Used: Leveled List Injection Toolbox by a_blind_man, xEdit by Elminster and their team, Blender, XnaLara, Outfit studio by Ousnius, Nifskope by jonwd7, and finally Todd's gloriously finicky Creation Kit.

Capcom Video/Mod usage Policy

Armor used in screenshot: Venerated by Zarge on Zarge's Discord server