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Add cel shading effect. Draw outlines on meshes. Make the game has unique visual. Inspired by Borderlands and Telltale Games.

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Tired at looking the old vanilla graphic?
Why not make it worse? I mean, why not try something different? 

The goal of this preset is to make the game looks like Borderlands or Telltale Games in visual. 
This preset mainly using comic.fx to draw cel shading outlines on mashes.
I also adding some extra touches to tweak the visuals. Make it more vibrant to achieve more cartoonist effect.
Make the game has unique visual with less fps drop.

Feel free to adjust this preset to suit your needs.

With UI Correction
This preset comes with UI correction.

*Make sure to backup your previous preset and do a complete uninstallation (see Uninstallation section below). 

- Extract the archive file.
- Copy all files inside the folder to your base game folder.
- Done. You can adjust this preset by pressing the HOME button on your keyboard.

- Delete the 'reshade-shaders' folder from your game folder.
- Delete these files from your game folder : dxgi.dll, dxgi.log, ReShade.ini, ReShadePreset.ini

To Do Next
* Fix random outline showed up while opening Pip-Boy.
* Adjust outlines that drawn on UI.
* Improving performances.

And yeah, thank you!
Sorry for my bad English.
Have a good day!