Fallout 4
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Bring elements of the SCP Universe into Fallout.

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Bring the SCP Universe into Fallout

If you have any ideas of what I could add to this mod, please drop it in a post.

Current Features:
40 field codes in 4 colors (White, Black, Red and Blue)
2 SCP Logos in 4 colors (White, Black, Red and Blue)
8 containment labels
4 crates in 5 colors

In The Works:
SCP-1609: Teleporting Chair
SCP-330: Candy Bowl
SCP-294: Coffee Machine
MTF Armor
Unknown SCP (Hostile if not sneaking)

Floor versions of the field codes
SCP Foundation Building
SCP Inspired enemies or locations
SCP-210: The Flooded House
SCP-3785: Jasper's Hill

My other Mods:
Carts of The Commonwealth
New Worlds Holotape
The Cove