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First person Radaway animation. Preview video inside

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It's First Person Radaway animation that i made. At start it was planned as really big mod that adds animation to each consumable in the game. But i can't give enough time to finish it(for now). This animation was part of it.


It's only first person Radaway animation that works after you consume Radaway. Radaway starting to decrease your radiation level immediately after you consume it in pipboy or press hotkey. I made that to avoid gameplay occasion when you just have not enough time to wait for effect when radaway injects, trust me i've been reloading to earlier saves a lot with it, so I remove that delay. 

( I might get it back for hardcore players, but who knows? :P )



You might see sometimes that injector doesn't appear or appear too late during in animation - IT'S NOT A BUG - it happens depends on you PC specs and how heavy is your modpack.(Moving Fallout 4 to SSD will probably get rid of that)


Animated Chems Redux - will cause incompatibility since both mods have animations for Radaway(If you load my after it - it would replace all Animated Chems Redux's animations to my RadAway - i gonna make compatibility patch for it soon)

No more incompatibilities i expected(I run game on 200+ mods and it works fine)



SPECIAL THANKS TO FLipeezy for his great scripts and providing support.


Through NMM or Vortex


1.01 - Fixed bug when Stimpak's animation was replaced by RadAway
1.01 - Fixed glitch with Stimpak's heal effect

1.0 - Mod added