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"Enhances" the female vault suit. Be the ass messiah the trailers told you you could be. ***Now with optional chest enhancement as well***

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****If someone wants to port this to xbox make sure to give clear credit to me, the Moses of the monobutt, calyps.****

"Enhances" the female vault suit. Be the ass messiah the trailers told you you could be. 

Thank you to Vergil for use of his So Nude normal maps.

Should be compatible with any vault suit texture mod that only changes the diffuse map. 


Drop the \data folder in your Fallout4 directory. 

Then make sure your INIs are prepared by following these instructions.
Beginners guide to installing mods



What does this actually do?
2 things. This alters the vanilla vault suit normal map to give it some cleft and roundth. Second, it alters the vault suit Mesh to give it a more butt like shape. These two things together create a destructive wasteland booty that will leave your enemies a physical and mental shambles panting on the ground gasping their last breaths, reaching out for mercy with their last bit of strength, but your glorious destructive butt has no mercy to give them. Or somethin like dat.

There's these other mods that do the same thing but different!
Yeah. Good luck to them. I hope they do well. 

This is dumb!
Thanks ebert. 

Btw, Vergil (creator of So Nude) and his team are creating an adult side-scroller. This link will let you download and try out a free version of the game, as well as provide you with all the newest information about it.
[NSFW] Patreon - lustful illumination

Here's a link to Vergil's Patreon page.

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